Anaïs Maes (Ostend, °1998) is a performance artist whose work consist of different kinds of media, going from spoken word to video to illustrations. 
In her work she looks for different ways to tell a story. Does language go further than just a means of communication, and what are the negative aspects of a language-based society?
In addition to the search for understanding language, she is also looking to understand herself and her position in a western, normative dominated society. 

Her work has been performed at SMAK (uit een (h)eerlijk verleden, 2018), at Plek curated by MEER Collectief (.COM 2018) and at Mu.ZEE (Brieven aan Baricco, Letters to Alessandro at the opening night of Untitled, 2019).
She is also a part of Untitled, the youthplatform of MuZEE in Ostend. Together with other artlovers/makers they curated an exhibition on how to make art more an experience, and less a simple visit to a museum. Teaching is also an important facet of her work.

Anaïs Maes took part in courses e.a. the Darmstädter Ferienkurse (2018), Champd’Action.LaBO (2019) andThank you Next decolonization workshop at Zinnema.
She is currently finishing her bachelor’s degree Performance art at KASK Gent.
Performed in: 
23 november 2019 
Leesfestival in de Krook Gent, curated by Handelsreizigers in Ideeën
As an actress: Serveuse van de schoonheid en Obers van de Troost
The Popsong Generator bestaat uit Karel Stulens, Tim Courtyn en Anaïs Maes, die een een ironische maar ook kritische blik bieden op de popcultuur. Draai aan het rad en genereer je eigen teksten en muziek door toeval. Grijp de microfoon!
15, 16, 17 augustus op Pukkelpop met dank aan ARTUnited en Mu.ZEE.
The wall can not be white 22.02.2019
by Eva Luna Moons, Petra Pucekova, Marthe Thys and Nicolas Van Laere
As a performer

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