Dear Mr. Baricco​​​​​​​
There is something I want to share with you today. 
-My mom said recently that it wasn’t fair that 1 percent of the world population possessed 99 procent of all the wealth. My dad responded calmly that our family is a part of that one percent. 
-There is a lot of discussion if we need to get rid of all our traditions, and about what the difference is between culture and tradition. Conventions are made to be broken, but what with our cultural history? 
- When a teacher and I had a discussion in class about my work, he said no one lies awake at night, thinking about colonialism. I was pretty shocked that there was someone in this building who had a different opinion than I had. How are we not all lying awake of equal rights? 
Kind regards
Anaïs Maes
How do we deal with an insight of our own privilege? How far can you deconstruct yourself, and is it only something you try to tear down, or are we building up? 
 BRIEVEN AAN BARICCO, LETTERS TO ALESSANDRO is a multimedia performance about deconstructing yourself and asking the questions on which you can't find an answer. Writing letters to the Italian writer Alessandro Baricco felt as a way to process the things I was learning, and shows how far I can take my projections. Humor is never far away. 

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